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Sagres Consulting

Charting a course...

As your virtual Human Resource Team

Workforce transformation needed?

Change management strategies required ?

Creating a growth strategy?

Establishing a high performance workforce?

Need more depth in your leadership team?

Seamlessly Providing Human Resources services to you

We help you design and implement human capital practices that increase productivity, eliminate waste, and improve financial performance.

We align employee services and implement HR deliverables with your strategic goals as the driving force. .

Sagres Consulting will assist you in compliance in government reporting and compliance.

We integrate into your leadership team seamlessly providing the needed support to executives and staff.

Sagres Consulting provides you with access to senior level HR services and makes them affordable.


Performance Management

Staffing Solutions

Recruiting Strategies

Benefit Program Selection

Legal Compliance

Retention Strategies

SagRes Consulting

Is Your Onsite and Virtual HR partner